I did this post awhile ago called, 5 iphone apps you need for youth ministry,  and it still gets a lot of hits.

I will review one app a month that I love.  I am really picky when it comes to app.  I don’t want a lot of clutter on my iphone.  So, here is the first app.  Enjoy!

Evernote Hello (cost: free, itunes link)











This is a really cool app that syncs to your evernote account.  All you do is click on the app and pass it over to your friend.  They take a picture with the app and put in their information.  I can see this app being so handy for youth ministry.  How many times do I meet new people at church on sunday mornings or at my weekly meeting who I would love to have their info with picture.  If only we could turn this into a database then this would be the complete tool for youth ministries/church.

Here is a video of it in action: