App of the month: January 2012

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Do you submit your mileage monthly? 


I am always looking for apps to help out my ministry.  I hate doing expense reports and mileage reports.  So, I stumbled across milebug.  Milebug is an awesome app!  The features that this app has will make you tell your youth pastor friends about it.

Here are some of the features: 

MileBug is a beautiful app that makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage on your iPhone or iPod Touch! A great mileage tracker!

***Data Backup now available!****
Now you can back up your data in case it gets lost! You can also restore it on a new device.

***Report backup also available***
When a report is emailed, a local copy is saved as a backup and available through iTunes File Sharing

****Includes GPS Tracking!****
See your path on the Map View with a pin dropped approximately every 1/10 mile. Edit the trip by dragging pins.


This is my favourtie app right now.  I was skeptical about the cost, but every month I forget about tracking certain trips.  This way it is all tracked.  The best feature is that it will give you a detailed mileage report at the end of the month.  You treasurer will love you!

itunes link: here

Cost: $2.99


  • Anonymous

    Very nice idea! Curious, how much data does this require? For those of us not on sprint and have data limits that we must not exceed, this could be a serious concern!

    • One of the cool features is that you could take off the data gps mode, and just manually type in your od. I am not exactly sure about how much data it uses. I will tell you when my statement arrives in a few weeks.

      • seventy8Productions

        What’s the results?

        • The result is that it didn’t effect my data because I didn’t use the gps function. I love the app. It is amazing.

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