Are Youth Pastors Losing Their Voice?

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10 years ago I entered into Youth Ministry.  I was fresh out of high school, and passionate about Jesus.  I remember how I was passionate about going to Bible College and becoming a Youth Pastor.  Looking back these were exciting times.

My first year in Bible College I attend the Youth Specialities Conference in Sacramento.  I was in awe that all these people were passionate about Youth Ministry.   I also remember the leaders/speakers who were also passionate about Jesus, and helping Youth Pastors.  I remember names like Mike Yaconelli, Marko, Tic Long, and many more.

I was and still am for these people who are speaking for themselves and for Youth Pastors around the world.  I was reading over at Kurt Johnston’s blog,, about how many of the people on Youth Specialities top 20 Youth Pastor Blogs are not in full time ministry.  I think this is sad, and we need new voices in the world of Youth Ministry.


Who do you think are the new voices in Youth Minsitry?  And what is the conversation?

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  • guest

    The grammar in the image is incorrect.  An apostrophe is not necessary because the word lost does not belong to the pastor.

    • Thanks for the comment. I will fix those images. Appreciate the input.

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  • Daniel Griswold

    That’s a hard thing too, because Youth Ministry is continually morphing. Being on the ground, you learn new things every day and its pretty awesome. Personally, I like to keep in touch with the voices of Kenda Dean, Dean Borgman (both academics with lots of amazing information), Mark O, and Adam McClane (who have started Youth Cartel). There’s another guy I heard recently, Darwin Glassford, who is at Calvin Theological Seminary, who I recently heard speak and he is someone I really thought had some great insights. Good question though – I think that it is actually really important to start with a local Youth Ministry Network for contextual YM info before delving into the National/Global stuff, and then start moving out that way as your vision for YM expands and you get resourced by people ministering in different contexts.

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