Freebie Friday: 5 More Free Fonts

by admin September 23, 2011   Freebies



I love finding new fonts.  I posted a few weeks ago 5 free fonts and it went over so well that I decided to find you all 5 more free fonts.  Who knew that Youth Pastors devoured fonts?  Here you go:  

One of the five I absolutely love!  Have a great friday! 


 Pencil Stencil

Pencil Stencil




Mensch Mensch







Saturn V : I love love love this font!  It is my new font of the year! 

Saturn V

  • Anonymous

    I personally LOVE the ministry one the most!

  • Mike Belmares

    Thanks for these. Fonts really our important to communicating a message. Having great options to choose from can really enliven a message. Thanks

    • You are welcome. I agree that fonts can enliven a message. Enjoy.

  • I am loving these font recommendations.  Keep ’em comin!

    • Thanks Joshua, I will probably add new fonts each month.

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