How do you plan for the fall?

In my youth ministry I like to have everything planned out for the fall.  That means EVERYTHING!

I was looking for a way to plan the school year calendar, but I couldn’t find anything online.  So, I created a great looking calendar.  You can timeline your talks, or events, or other key targets.  Once you have accomplished them you can check them off.

Download the calendar here

What else would you add to the calendar?  Oh, and by the way we will be adding a Jan/June calendar next week.  Enjoy.  Have an awesome weekend.

  • Cooper

    This is great! Only request is that we could get more space for each month (I honestly wouldn’t mind a page for each month) Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment Cooper. I will eventually release a full page. It should be released in two weeks.

      • Dylan

        Will there be a fall 2014 calendar posted soon?

  • This is great, Kolby, love this stuff! Excited to see your calendar and the full page. I could totally see packaging together a little book that would go from quartlery to weekly on a page.

    • Thanks ben. I love this kind of stuff also. What do you mean when you say a little book? Do you mean an extra page? I am working on a jan/june and a one page, and I have a weekly organizer for your desk. I would like to make a custom year calendar like

  • JC

    Love it.