We want great resources for you to use.  While planning out the fall, and creating a template that we can use for the fall calendar an idea was born to created a series of printable things to help you in youth ministry.  I am quite particular when it comes to planning out the calendar.  I like having the whole year calendar in front of me, and I have a neu year calendar on the wall.  They make the best looking year calendars.

Currently we are releasing all of these for free as pdf.  We might release them as illustrator files.  Let us know, could you use them?


Fall 2013 Printable Planning Calendar  (click here to download)





Spring /Summer Planning Calendar (2 pages)


Here are a few things we will be releasing for the next few fridays.  Enjoy.

One page Planning Calendar for Fall (4 pages)

One page planning Calendar for Spring/Summer (8 pages)

A five days a week print off  (Click here to download)



A sermon outline template

If you would like to see anything else please let me know.  The one page planning calendar was an idea from a comment last friday.  I love seeing the collorbration at work!

  • Mitch Lynn

    I love this! I’m looking forward to you posting the Spring/Summer Calendar

  • Rodney

    This is great! Could definitely use it as an Illustrator file or Photoshop File

    • Thanks for the comment Rodney. I might try to sell it in the youthmin.org store.

  • Dude, these are awesome. I’ve had some similar documents for actual message preparation and series flow that I need to redesign. We should definitely make some sort of collaboration, but would love to see these on the youthmin.org marketplace

  • CooperMiller

    Using these! Would love to see the sermon outline template as well as AI files of these. Thanks for this!

  • Andy Averill

    This is great!

  • cindy smith

    can you do 2014/2015 ones?

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