Why I ditched my Moleskine!

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Do you own a moleskine?

Every hipster pastor and their dog has a moleskine.  It has in recent years become the standard of cool (whatever that means!).  I have been using one for years.  I first picked it up when I entered seminary 6 years ago.  It was a great way to take notes.

There are a few features that I would love for moleskines to have.

1. Pages that you could tear off.

2. Cheaper price.

3. Customizable

With those options floating around, I found a great new notebook called Ecosystem.

Check it out below!

the ecosystem life

An ecosystem journal, planner or notebook has a unique past, present and future: The book’s past is the various parts made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, its present is your thoughts and ideas recorded on the pages, and the future is your next step: save the book, or recycle it.

ecosystem artist

A journal for an individual who utilizes their imagination to produce works that are beautiful and kind to the earth.

ecosystem author

A journal for one who writes with well-being and sustainability of the earth in mind.

ecosystem architect

A journal for an environmentally aware person who creates strength and order with lines.


I love the fact that you can add in to-do lists, or a calendar.  I used to have a moleskine calendar, and a journal.  Goal of the year is to simplify my life.

What kind of notebook do you use?  

  • Great post. One question: why do you want pages that tear off? I see that as a benefit of Moleskine, that I can’t loose any of the pages. 

    • Thanks, I want to rip pages off to scan them to evernote! This way all my pages are stored digitally.

  • I don’t scan pages to evernote, but I can see that being very beneficial. I can see myself making the switch, but I don’t know where to get ecosystem journals. Obviously amazon, but I don’t know why for me its just easier to go to target or barnes and noble and pick up a moleskine and use it right away

    • Also, another feature is that you can add a calendar to it instead of purchasing another moleskine calendar.

  • Kim

    ripping pages is a great Idea. There are a few colorful sketchbook sets that are similar to this one and cheaper. one of my favorites is called the Doodle which has quotes written inside. check it. http://www.doodlesketchbook.com/

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