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by admin September 29, 2011   Blog

Why don’t you comment on posts here at Youth Ministry Media?

I have lots of answers like: I am scary, you are too intimidated by my sweet tech skills, there is nothing to comment on, the comment button is busted.

So, you don’t leave a comment.  No big deal right?  Wrong.  I would love to hear your voice.  Yes, the voice of a Youth Worker.  Someone who has questions, and is wrestling with teens and social media.  Trying to figure out what is the best way to communicate to teenagers.  I know I can help you communicate more effectively to teenagers, and that is why you are so critical to this conversation.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Comment on Posts: 

1. I use a program called Disqus.  If you have a site, I recommend getting a free account.  If you use wordpress just install the plugin, disqus comment system, on to your site and you are good to go.  The comments get sent to your email so you can quickly keep the conversation going.  I use this all the time, and it is so awesome to be able to communicate with youth workers across the country.  On a side note both Adam Mclane and Doug Fields switched over to this amazing comment system…Maybe I do know what I am doing.

2. Create backlinks to your site.  Yes, a comment can actually help your youth ministry site, or blog out.  This is important for different rankings online.  Michael Hyatt discusses why backlinking is important.  Every time you comment you are building links on my site that direct to your site.  It is a win-win situation.

3. Join the conversation.  I do think that youth ministry/youth workers are losing their voice.  We are losing our voice because we are not speaking up.  Your voice is valuable, and needs to be heard because you can make an impact on other youth workers who are thinking the same question.


Go ahead and ask some rad questions! 

  • I’ll leave a comment. I literally just found your site today, and love it. I love seeing another Young youth pastor blogger, and I’ll definitely be sticking around.

    As a fellow blogger, I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t get a lot of comments, Idk how many you get, but its just annoying when you get 1 comment for every like 100 views you have. God bless, keep up the great work

    • Thanks for the comment. I am glad you found this site. It can be frustrating to get 1 comment for every 300 views is more like it. I think it is slowly turning around.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, agreed!

  • I know how it feels, having the pageviews but not the comments…It’s slowly getting better but man, I wish I knew how to get people to comment 🙂

    • Rachel,

      Thanks for the comment. I am trying a few ways to generate comments. If they work, I will post on them in a few months. Checked out your site. It looks great.

  • Becci

    Totally agree! (she says writing a comment for the first time after MONTHS of reading this blog…)  Youth workers need to speak up more, work together more and encourage each other more!

    • Thanks Becci, I am glad you have been reading this blog for months! Even more excited you left a comment! Looking forward to more comments in the coming months!

  • Kolby- I manage to generate a higher comment/pageview rate on my site than most. I’d be happy to talk to you a little bit about how I’ve done that.

    I’d also add this to your list of reasons why:

    Taking 30 seconds to think about and write a thoughtful comment is the BEST way to retain the idea you just read instead of moving on to the next thing and letting it fall out of your head.

    • Hey Aaron, I would love to chat about how you get a higher comment/pageview rate. When do you want to chat? I like what you would add to that list!

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