What Bible translation do you use?  Why? 

The NIV Proclamation Bible: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth has the bold recommendation by Timothy Keller.  Timothy Keller states, “The NIV Proclamation Bible is remarkable for how well it puts the highest quality biblical scholarship at the Bible student’s fingertips in such a clear, penetrating and accessible form. There are many study Bibles on the market right now, but none better.”

Is this a great study Bible? No.  Is it a great Bible.  Yes.  To make the statement that this is the best study Bible on the market misses the mark in a world of other superior study Bibles.  The Bible translation ESV really has the market right now on study Bibles.

The NIV Proclamation Bible offers a valuable resource for those who teach from the Bible regularly and anyone who enjoys studying Scripture in greater depth.  This edition, developed by Lee Gatiss in collaboration with the Proclamation Trust, includes a wealth of additional material from leading theologians, pastors, and Bible teachers to enhance your study of the word. The Bible features ten introductory essays on theology, doctrine and the application and interpretation of Scripture, as well as detailed overviews of each literary genre in the Bible–from the historical narratives to the apocalyptic literature. It also features introductions to every Bible book.

Sixty-five expert Bible teachers have contributed to the NIV Proclamation Bible including Christopher Ash, Graham Beynon, Gerald Bray, Simon Gathercole, David Jackman, Karen Jobes, Dick Lucas, Douglas Moo, Peter O’Brien, Vaughan Roberts, William Taylor, and Chris Wright. Many of these individuals are also members of the NIV translation team, which takes into account the latest developments in biblical scholarship and language usage when working with the NIV translation. Setting the highest standards of reliability and readability, the New International Version is ideal for personal reading, public teaching and group study.

Things we like about the NIV Proclamation Bible

1. The NIV is very readable.  My first Bible as a student was a NIV Student Bible.  Love the translation.  ESV is what I currently use, but sometimes it can be really clunky.

2. The text is clean and easy to read.  The paper quality make this Bible feel and look expensive.

3. The intro’s to each book are helpful.  They break down the structure of the book, and points to consider.

4. The best featured of this Bible is the commentary recommendations for each book of the Bible.  This is really useful.

5. The opening articles in this Bible are useful for any pastor to have.  The articles help you preach the Bible, apply the Old and New Testament, develop small group questions, and more.  I wish they released these as a separate book.  It think they would sell a ton of these.

Christopher Ash writes the article, From Text To Sermon: Preaching The Bible.  This is a simple and clear understand on how to craft and preach a sermon.  This article was really useful, and I am sure that I will go back to it again and again.

Things we don’t love about the NIV Proclamation Bible

1. It really isn’t a study Bible.  In contrast to the ESV study Bible, this is just a great Bible with a few articles in the front end of it.  With that said, this is a great Bible.  It’s worth owning.

2. Wish the commentaries they recommend at the beginning of each book of the Bible would be included as notes.  How useful would it be to have the top commentaries on each book of the Bible right there for you to access.  There are really no notes on pages.

With all that said, this is a typical Bible.  The NIV Proclamation Bible is a good Bible.  It’s easy to read, and I like how if you were crafting your message, you could easily read the text and not be distracted by all the notes on the page.  The articles are helpful and useful in the beginning.  I really wish they would have added more commentary  notes on each page.  I already have a few NIV Bible’s and this one didn’t feel or look any different.

The NIV Proclamation Bible is a good Bible.  If you are looking for a great Study Bible, I would recommend, ESV Study Bible (Black, Indexed).  This is the cream of the crop when it comes to study Bibles.

What study Bible do you use? 

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