Imagine if all the theological heavy weights of our time all wrote notes for a study Bible?  

Well, they did. The Study Bible is called the, NIV Zondervan Study Bible.  It’s really impressive.  You can check out all the contributors here.

I am not a huge fan of the NIV, even though that is what my first Bible was 16 years ago when I became a Christian in grade 10.  I usually stick to the ESV.  I recently reviewed the ESV Student Study Bible, and it will be my go to resource for teenagers who are looking to go deeper in their walk with Jesus.

With all that said, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, is an amazing tool for pastors and church leaders.  I am blown away by the book introductions, study notes, and the articles.  There is some serious content in this Bible, and you could probably write a book based on just the articles in the back.

Here is there approach when it came to putting together this study Bible:


This we love about the NIV Zondervan Study Bible:

  • The articles in the back of the Bible.  I love Timothy Kellers article, The story of the Bible: How the good news about Jesus is central.  I love how this whole Bible is all about the gospel.  I am not surprised by this seeing that D.A Carson is the editor and the cover has the gospel coalition’s colours.
  • The book introductions by renowned scholars.  I have sets of commentaries for my seminary days, and it sure is nice to have great resources all in one book.  The scholars they picked for book introductions are top notch and add value to the study of a passage or book of the Bible.
  • Full color.  I love that.  It was the first thing I noticed when I opened it up.  Having full colour makes it look like it’s quality.

Things I don’t love about the NIV Zondervan Study Bible:

  • The size.  This thing is huge.  My kid saw the package, I opened it up and took the Bible out.  My son’s first response was, “Is that your science textbook.”  I don’t even know where a 5 year would learn that?(maybe full house).  But, it’s huge.  It’s a massive Bible.  At least double the size of any Bible I own.
  • The pages feel cheap.  There are really thin pages which makes it difficult to flip to different passages.
  • The digital version of the Bible is useless.  The ESV’s study Bible will sync with their already great app.  Why would this Bible give you the code for logos.  That is what I really want.  I want to use the NIV Zondervan Study Bible with my version of logos.  I don’t care about having another Bible app on my phone.  I already have three, you version, a greek and hebrew app, and the ESV app.


The NIV Zondervan Study Bible is a great Bible for pastors and teachers in the church.  This isn’t a Bible that you are going to carry around.  It’s going to stay at your desk and help you prep a sermon, or lesson.  I think the articles at the back of this Bible need to be read by every pastor.  You could check out the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, and get it for your library, or your lead pastors as a gift.

If you are looking for a great Bible for students, I completely endorse the ESV Student Study Bible.

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