How often do you post to your social media accounts?

It’s a fine line from keeping your students and parents engaged, to annoying them.  If I post a few times a week on my Facebook account I often wonder if I am bugging the people I am trying to communicate to.

Here is an infographic called: When And How To Post To Social Media.  

Here are some things that stand out:

1. Posting on Facebook is all about quality.  I have noticed this to be true with my youth ministry Facebook page.  Each week when we post updates we will custom make slides so that people have a sense of what we are doing that week.  We are always striving for top notch quality on my Facebook page.

2. Twitter is all about quantity.   Twitter is more about the conversation that Facebook, and that is why twitter is going to be the go to communication tool in the next year.  The best thing about twitter is that you can’t over post…did you hear that…you can’t over post!  It’s about sharing content.

3. You need a strategy.  If you use any social media to communicate with students you need a plan.  You need a plan on how many times to communicate each week.  What you are going to communicate.  Who is going to communicate it.  We will lay out a strategy next week for social media.  It is an easy way to connect with students today in your church and in your community.  Through our Facebook page we have seen tons of students show up to see what we are about .  Once they get to our youth group, then we can build real relationships in small groups.


What else stands out to you?  How often do you post?  One thing that was left out was how often to post to instagram.  How often do you post to instagram? 



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