What is the one program that you rely on every week for your youth ministry?  




There are a ton of programs out there.  It seems like every single youth worker has a different set of apps, and organizational programs.  I love it when youth workers show me new ways to organize, communicate, and study.  We have learned by failure, and we have some programs that will help you communicate to students better, help you stay organized, and stay on mission.

Here is the question: What is a program that you use daily, weekly, or monthly.  Please leave a comment below, and we will give you a shout out on the podcast this week.  It will go live on Saturday.

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  • Dan King

    – planning center online for organizing elements of a program and the people who are responsible for them
    http://flip.it/id3ia for sharing the latest leadership training and coaching ideas with the team.

    • Thanks Dan for the comment. Planning center is awesome. I also love your flip board keep it up! Will I see you on saturday?