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A youth ministry program to help you stay organized!











When I started out in Youth Ministry, I was a disaster.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that I was so disorganized.  How was I supposed to know how to stay organized in an office?  I could write 25 page papers no problem, but organize a ministry and my life…sorry, I couldn’t do it.  I think those early years I frustrated a lot of people in my Youth Ministry(which I still do from time to time).  If I was to give myself a report card during this time on administration  I would have received a failing grade, I realized that I needed at least a passing grade on administration.

The first step to getting my life and Youth Ministry organized was an iphone.  This device has been my personal assistant.  Worth every single penny in an attempt to keep me organized.  I just had to learn how to use it effectively for Youth Ministry.  I then downloaded iphone apps to keep me organized.  Here is the first one I used was called 2do, here is the post.  The next todo program I used was call Things, again you can read the post about, A Program Every Youth Pastor Needs.  That program and iphone app will set you back about $100 dollars.

So, I decided to switch over to Wunderlist.  It a powerful little to-do list.  Not only is it free on every platform, but they have amazing support and are constantly adding new features.  I personally love the feature that you can sync it with evernote….I am giddy about this!

Some other great features include:

Share it with Others: Share your tasks and lists by email or invite your friends, colleagues or co-workers to work with you in Wunderlist.  This could be useful for your youth leaders or other leaders in your youth ministry.

Organize your Life: No matter what needs to be done, from shopping lists to projects and todos – there is Wunderlist to manage it all.  One list to rule them all! hahah.

Use it Anywhere for Free: It works on your iPhone, Android, the iPad, on PC & Mac or online with our brand-new browser version.

Now go and get Wunderlist.  Its free.  What are you waiting for?


What do you use to keep you organized in Youth Ministry?

  • Thanks for this suggestion!  I am currently running SimpleTask and am looking for something different.  In checking it out Wonderlist I realized that it does not have the option for reoccurring tasks.  Do you have any suggestions for programs that have that feature?

    • Thanks for the comment. Initially I hesitated using wunderlist because of not being able to set reoccurring taks. I love the program and the fact that it is cloud based. I looked into the reoccurring task for wunderlist and it looks like they are working on it. Here is the one of the links from their site talking about addressing this issue, http://support.6wunderkinder.com/discussions/new-features/561-recurring-task

      • Awesome!  Thanks for looking into it.  I’m going to give wunderlist a shot!

  • Producteev is another good one. Ive tried using wunderlist a lot, and its good for quick tasks like setting up a to-do list for a Youth Service, but it doesn’t help me stay as organized as Im hoping for. 

    • I checked the program out. Do you pay for it or use the free program? Also, do you use it mainly for a youth service or for everything?

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