Developing a texting strategy: part 2

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Do you send out group texts to students?

I posted  last week at the start of this series called, Developing a Texting Strategy for your Youth Ministry, and I recommended a program called tatango.  They offer a great service, and they did have a plan that cost $25 a month for unlimited texting for up to 250 contacts.  I have promoted them in the past because I used them.  Recently they switched their plan from $25 a month to $250 a month.  What happened is that it priced youth pastors out of the market.  

I emailed tatango last week and asked them to set up the other service for churches.  They said no!  So, I had to find the next best service out there.  With a ton of research I landed at SMS360 marketing.  It is a great service.  

We live in a world where every teenager has a phone.  I quickly built my text messaging list from 30 to 82 students in a month.  All it took was developing a texting strategy that would work for my youth ministry, and I hope it will work for you.

Here are some details on SMS360 marketing


sms 360 marketing pricing


This company is completely affordable, and I would recommend setting up a free account today to get started.

That is what I did with tatango.  I started an account and had students opt in to the program and I was completely amazed at how effective it was.

How it works: 

[vimeo 46362707] 

How can you use this? 

Currently I am using this with student in my youth ministry, but I want to build this service for parents and even prayer supporters.  I personally think that text messaging is the most effective way to communicate to a large group of people.


Why not use a iphone sms program/app? 

To be honest, I love being able to send texts to students through a service, and not through my phone.  I don’t want my phone buzzing all day, and all night.  I personally don’t want students texting me all the time.  I do have all the text numbers for my small group, but other than that I love knowing that through this program I can send texts, wish them a happy birthday, and more.  SMS360 marketing is a professional texting service that churches like Saddleback Church use.

So the text messaging program that we will be using during this series is  SMS360 marketing.  At least set up a free account to check it out.  You can check out a free account here.

Here is where we are going in this series on developing a texting strategy for the next few weeks: 

1. Setting the texting service up

2. Building a texting list

3. Using social media

4. Keeping students connected

5. Building a strategy that you can pass off.

Looking forward to the series!  Anyone already using SMS360 marketing

  • I personally like SendHub better. It’s free based tier is a better option than SMS360. SendHubs services might be better suited for small to medium sized youth ministries.

    • Thanks Clinton for the comment. I personally don’t want 80+ texting me back. I would never get any rest.

  • matt

    250.00????? I use tantago and am paying 24.00 a month. I went and checked just to make sure they didn’t raise anything on me.

    • Matt, isn’t that crazy! They won’t raise things on you. Don’t worry about that.

  • Michael Marchand

    We’ve been using at our church for a couple years now and LOVE IT. It costs a couple bucks more than SMS360, but it’s got tons of additional features: contests, polls, qr codes, sign up via facebook, text-to-screen, video messaging and more. But use the coupon code REACH and save 25%. I highly recommend it!

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