Do you memorize scripture?

I stumbled across this app awhile ago, and I never made the purchase because of the price: $2.99 (yes, I am a youth pastor!)

Lately I was thinking of getting back into the habit of memorizing scripture, and I decided to get fighter verse for my iphone.  Looking back, I don’t know why I waited so long to make the purchase.  This is one awesome app.  Actually, I think this is my new favorite app.

Here are some awesome features that come with the app: 

SEVEN Bible translations – ESV, NIV 1984, NASB, HCSB, KJV, LBLA (Spanish), Reina Valera 1960 (Spanish, additional cost).

• Four unique QUIZZES// These are so awesome!  It is like having rosetta stone for your Bible.  It’s an easy way to memorize scripture.  
⇒ Quick Blanks Quiz – recite the verse in your head and tap to reveal one word at a time
⇒ Recite Aloud Quiz – allows you to record yourself reciting the verse and then compare it with the text
⇒ Typing Quiz – type in the missing words
⇒ “Type First Letter” quiz – a faster version of the typing quiz.
⇒ Word Bank Quiz – select the missing word from a word bank
⇒ Reference Quiz – select the reference that matches the verse text

• REVIEW function that intelligently presents your verses for review at just the right time and makes it effortless to not just memorize verses, but to KEEP them memorized.

• Display verses on the LOCK SCREEN so the verse is front of you every time you use your phone / tablet.  I also love this feature.  You can customize the text to look decent! 

This is one cool app.  The $2.99 is worth every cent!  Go over to fighter verse to check out more details.