A Program You Need: Reeder

by admin August 11, 2011   iphone

Reeder for Mac is a great tool for all your rss feeds.  I have all my feeds going through it.  You can make comments while in the program.  The cost for Reeder is $9.99.  This is a great deal.  Before I was using google reader and it is a great program, but I wanted something that worked and looked great.  Reeder is that program.  It was easy to set it up, and have all my google reader subscribers on my Reeder program.

I don’t currently have Reeder for my iphone.  I just like having one program for all the blogs I subscribe to.  I don’t have tons of time to read blogs, so this program helps de-clutter my rss feeds that I want to read.  If you don’t have any blogs that you subscribe to here is Youth Specialities Top 20 Youth Ministry blogs.

Here is what it looks like in use.  Enjoy.



What blogs to you subscribe to?

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