Do you have a texting program for your youth ministry?

My bet is that you have a facebook page, and you somehow collect the students numbers.  You need another way of communicating with students and parents.

Meet the best texting program you could possibly use for your youth ministry: 


Here is why Tatango is so awesome!

1. The price.  It is cheap.  For $24 dollars a month you are able to have a text service for your students and the parents in your youth ministry.  Acutally, you can create as many groups as you want!  Cheap!  Here is the price break down.  I am sure that your youth ministry could handle the $24 dollar expense for Tatango.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 3.01.56 PM


2. It’s efficient.  I posted a facebook post a few days ago and of the 65 people in the group, only 40 saw the post.  That same day I sent out a text with Tatango, and every single person opened the message.  I couldn’t believe it.  %100 of the people received the message.

3. Easy to Use.  I bet even you could figure this out.  If you can’t someone will call you in the first 24 hours to help you work the program.  I was thrilled that steve called me up and helped me walk through the free 7 day trial of Tatango.

What are you waiting for?  Go to Tatango and check out this amazing texting program.  

Do you use a texting program for your youth ministry?

  • Brandon

    Parents can text-subscribe to a twitter feed and you can use twitter to text unlimited accounts for free.

    • Thanks Brandon for the comment. Has it been difficult to get students and parents to text subscribe to a twitter feed?

  • Josh s

    I disagree. Tatango is great for small church. It was too expensive for us at my church and found simply youth ministry text service to be way better. There features of Tatango I miss but the service I have now is great.

    • Thanks for the comment Josh. How big is your youth ministry? Simply Youth Ministry has a great text service? What features are better or is it just the price?

      • Josh s

        High school and middle school share service which couldn’t o with Tatango. This is great because we can keep all numbers in one system for 7+ years.

        With both departments we are about 275+ contacts

        Price was the biggest.

        • ya, I could see cost being an issue. I don’t know why both the ministries couldn’t use the service. You just create a new campaign to separate them. I love the guys at simply they are solid!

  • Per the website: Tatango offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities. Message us with a link to your website to have this discount applied to your Tatango account.

    • Yep! It does. I am paying $20 a month for the service!

  • I just looked at the site and the cheapest plan they have now is $249 a month!

  • Micah James Lugg

    Hey, you may want to update this post. Tatango has since changed their pricing structure and only offer a $150/mo. plan. Still hunting . . .

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