How are you reaching students today for Christ?

Have you adapted the way you reach teenagers?  You need to because teen culture is changing quickly and the way to reach teenagers is online.  Teenagers have a new mall to hang out at, and its called facebook, twitter, and texting.  These are the playgrounds kids are growing up at.  Like it or not, this is changing the way teenagers deal with themselves, and with others.  I think youth pastors have ideas of how to reach teens in a digital world, but there needs to be more conversation on how things are changing and what this means to youth ministry today.

This is going to be a series where we look at how teenagers are growing up in a digital world and how we can reach them.  Here are the posts fo the next 10 weeks.  This whole series is based on the book, Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World.  I personally think every youth pastor should read this book.  Here is my review, Grown Up Digital Review.  So, we are going spend a few weeks and unpack some ideas from the book!
1. Freedom

2. Customize

3. Scrutinizers

4. Integrity

5. Entertainment


6. Collaboration

7. Relationships

8. Speed

9. Innovators

10.  Youth Ministry in a Digital World


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