How many posts did you publish last year? 


I am a big believer of recycling content.  Some of my best ideas are not really new ideas at all.  They are recycled ideas from this sites past.  Why should you let some of your best posts get buried in your website.  Here are a few ways you can recycle your content and get your content to the people.

1. Twitter : You could use socialoomph and set up tweets for the week, or even the next month if you are really organized.  I like being able to retweet out content because I have a lot of new followers and they don’t know about the older posts.  If I post on this site, I will set up socialoomph to send it numberous times.

2. Facebook: I am still messing around with facebook.  I have noticed that when I specifically post to facebook with a larger image more people click through to the site.  I am going to repost old content through my facebook in different ways.

3.  Embedding in the site:  I haven’t done a lot of this yet.  It makes sense to reference your best posts in new posts.  If I created a post on facebook, it would make sense to link back to one of my best posts on facebook, “Developing a social media strategy: facebook.


Do you recycle posts?

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