(This is apart of the series: Redeeming Rest)

This series is based on a book from,  Mark Buchanan Redeeming Rest: Restoration , who wrote the book, The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath Redeeming Rest: Restoration .  If you havent read it I recommend it.  You need to read this book!

Lets be honest for a second.  Our culture does not want to slow down.  Usually, our youth ministries also don’t slow down.  And because we don’t slow down to rest, we show symptoms and these symptoms often lead to burn out.  I have talked to countless youth pastors who are burnt out.  How can we get to this place?  I think the answer is as simple as rest.  We need to take a day or two days off a week to enjoy family, and give the whole day to God.  What a crazy idea in our fast paced culture.

Take a few moments and go over the list.  What statement is true for you?  How have you been acting out of exhaustion lately?

What symptoms are true for you?  

1. Oversized Emotions.   Are your reactions disproportionate to reality?  Remember the last time your youth ministry was blamed for something that happened at the church?  How did you react?

2.  Indifference in a Colossal Amount.   Did the words, “I don’t care” come out of your mouth lately?  This is a reality for me when I am exhausted.  This can also be apathy.

3.  Restless and Listless.  At the end of the day are you so exhausted, that you can’t do anything else?  You have no clarity of what you should be doing.

4. Growing Resentment Against ___________ !  If we just got rid of this person all would be great.  Have you lost the capacity to find good in another?

5. When people come to you and you say, “I’m busy!”  What signal are you sending to the students and parents you serve?  Do you hear the words, “You are really busy” as a compliment?  Or do you boast that you are busy to show how valuable you are to a church?  Can you stay that busy for a year?  What about 5 years?

6.  Intimacy at All Levels.   Are you with drawn from people?  Do you have anyone who truly knows you?  Resting should get you more of God and more of your family/friends.

7.  Self-pity.  Are you an Eeyore?  Do you wallow in all the things that are going wrong?

8.  Confidence in Christ Diminishes.   I can do this on my own.  I can grow this youth ministry to ______.   Have you been relying on your self lately?  Let Christ increase so that you can decrease.  Don’t get in the way of what Jesus is trying to do in your youth ministry.

9.  Stop Caring about What I Truly Care About.   What about the things that bring you joy?  What haven’t you been doing lately?



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