Have you ever read Lead Small? Do you use Orange curriculum or apps?

How do you train your leaders?  Once a year I take all my leaders to a training event.  I also try to do one in house.  The goal is to do two each year, one in November, and one in February.  I have adopted the Lead Small language, and because of that I was looking for training material that would help my leaders Lead Small in a larger youth ministry.  Last summer, I came across the resource, Do For A Few: Training in how to Lead Small.  Once I download it and watched the bit sized video, I was excited at how I could use these right away in my ministry and in the future.

Here is what you get in For A Few: Training in how to Lead Small material: 

Contents include:

    • Event Guide
    • 6 videos by Reggie Joiner (QuickTime .mp4)
      1. Intro (9:03)
      2. Be Present (8:18)
      3. Create a Safe Place (7:38)
      4. Partner with Parents (9:03)
      5. Make it Personal (4:00)
      6. Move Them Out (7:35)
  • Video outlines
  • Discussion Questions
  • Do For A Few Prezi
  • Do For A Few Slides
  • Do For A Few graphics to help you promote your event

Here is what we love about these training videos: 

  1. They are easy to watch and build a training session around.  They are only 9 to 7 minutes long.  You could easily do these videos in a morning or make it a day.
  2. It has all the material to plan a great training session.  Includes the slides, questions to each session, and outlines for your leaders to follow along.
  3. You can download them.  I am thankful that I didn’t have to wait for the dvd.  We are in the digital era, and it is useful to have a digital copy.

Here is how we are going to use these videos: 

We are going to train our leaders each year with these videos.  We will host a training event, and give out the books Lead Small, and Lead Small Culture.

We are also going to upload them to a private vimeo account so that we can share them each week with a special password to our leaders.  This way we can go over again the principals that they learned during the one day training event.

I am also building a USB new leaders starter kit (idea stolen from Justin Knowles).  These dvd’s will be apart of it with a ton of other things.  This is one great way to immerse new leaders in the culture. My new leaders will have 2 weeks to get through the material and read over the requirements, and then I will meet up with them again.