Do you play music at youth events?  Do you wish you could play music at outside events?


This is one boombox  I would love to have.  It is on my youth ministry wishlist.  This thing looks awesome, and the reviews on amazon say that it sounds great.

It would be nice to throw this in the car and stroll up to the skatepark and play some music, and meet some teenagers.  This would be a great little youth ministry tools.

TDK makes two types of boomboxes: 


Click on image to take you to the amazon product.. (This is an affiliate link)

1. TDK Life on Record 77000015360 3-Speaker Boombox Audio System






2. TDK Life on Record 77000015402 2-Speaker Boombox Audio System







That is the gadget of the month!  Would you use that for your youth ministry? 

  • pretty cool. too expensive for our small church though. but looking on amazon, that company produced a cube for cheaper, that looks like it would be not as loud but still loud enough for our youth room, and would allow a laptop/iphone/ipad to play music. i’ve been looking for something like this, and i get the feeling from the reviews that this one is MUCH better quality and much louder than the average tiny computer speaker concept.