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Review: Missiolife Small Group Resources

by admin September 19, 2011   Reviews

A review of Missiolife


Are you looking for great small group resources?  Really who isn’t?

Missiolife claims to be the complete package when it comes to church small groups.  Stated on their website this small group material helps you, “MissioLife enables spiritual growth through the spiritual formation model of story, theology, identity and calling, way of life, and behaviors and expressions. It calls us to move beyond simply reading Scripture to participation in the mission of God, both communally and individually.”  Looking over the material it looks pretty slick.  Below are a few things I liked about Missiolife and a few things I didn’t like.

Things I liked : 

Scot McKnight is a New Testament Scholar and it looks like he helped provide a lot of background material.

– The Material is broken up into 3 parts: Biblical Reflection, Communal, and Facilitator’s Guide.  The Biblical Reflection is so great!  I was surprised by this, it is like having a commentary right there for you.

– I like how it is all digital!  You download materials and you can email out everything!

– Complete Small Group Resource for your church.  Has resources for Children, Youth, and Adults.


Things I didn’t like: 

– The cost!  For a group my size I would have to spend $7oo dollars on this.

– Could be more visual.  Looking over the one lesson it seemed like a lot of the resource was journaling.

– Youth Part could be more diverse.  I only read one lesson, but the one lesson I did look at the whole time I was thinking who is this for?  Senior Highs, or Junior Highs.  I can’t imagine a Jr High Teen sitting in silence journaling all the time.

– The documents were only pdf, what if you wanted to edit them?


I only read one lesson plan.  Some of it would fit.  But, like any resource it would need tweaking. If your church is looking for small group resources for every level, and you have endless money this is the program for you.  I love the idea of a church all being on the same page.  At this point I would need to use the small group material missiolife to see how it would work in a real small group youth ministry setting.


What do you use for small groups? 

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