What kind of Bible do you use?

When you find a great Bible it is life changing.  The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Journaling Bible (Original, Black) is an amazing Bible and has tons of room to take notes. When I was in college I had a great Bible that had huge margins.  It was a softcover so eventually it was in bad shape.  A few weeks ago I purcahsed the, The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Journaling Bible , and I love it.  It looks like a big moleskine.  If you are the type of person who wants to keep notes or just jot ideas down this is the Bible for you.

I think that it is crucial for Youth Pastors/Workers to be spending time in the word daily to be able to lead our students.  A lot of times when I feel completely empty it isn’t because I am doing too much, but instead because of not spending time with God (sometimes it is doing too much).  We need to build into our day time with God and here is a tool that I am really enjoying.

What kind of Bible do you use? 


  • My wife and I both use these bibles, though it is part of my rotation. I have found that for whatever reason I love bibles and almost collect them, as bad as that may sound.The ESV Journaling one is one of my favorite though. But agreed, it is crucial to be in the word daily, not just for youth pastors.

    • Thanks for the comment! I think it can often be a grind to get into the word each day and not make it about that next talk, or bible study. That is why I love the Journaling Bible from ESV. Also, cant wait for the new site!

      • Defnitely, too often Youth Pastors (and other pastors) get so busy its easy to blend the two times.

        And Thanks, the site is coming together nicely Im excited to see what happens. Im actually hoping that one of the perks for contributors will be an esv journaling bible (not for all contributors, but like top contributor of January)

  • Brian

    Yes, that is one beautiful Bible! There is another as well, different format. http://www.JournalBible.com   I like it for different reasons – it has more room to write and lays flat. Both are great!

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