How often do you switch out of your instagram account?

I have only two accounts (I have a “small instagram plate”), and the reason why I have only kept it at two is because of the ridiculousness of logging out, and then logging back in with another account.  It’s so stupid that I will just leave my youth ministry account open for the whole youth night, and then at the end of the night log out.

But, wait.  Instagram has changed.  They have added a feature that we have all been waiting for!  Multiple account switching. (Note: this isn’t a widespread rollout.  They have for some reason rolled it out to a lucky few…which we are apart of!)

Here is how you link instagram accounts it:

  1. To see if you have access to this feature, navigate to your Instagram profile page and click on “Settings.”   The settings icon is in the top right hand corner.  After you click that near the bottom, you will have the option to “Add Account.”
  2. After adding an account, you’ll easily be able to switch between multiple Instagram accounts, accessing separate photo feeds, comments, and messages without logging out of the Instagram iOS app. When you receive likes or comments, your push notifications notify you of which account you’re receiving them on.

I honestly can’t believe it is that simple.  I just linked up three accounts.  Keep an eye out for a youth ministry media instagram account.

Go to instagram and see if you are one of the lucky few that have this featured added.  I am sure that instagram will roll this feature out to everyone soon.  It’s the feature that everyone wants.


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