One of the most destructive and harmful thing that is happening today in teen culture is sexting.  We checked out an infographic  in March called, Snapchat explained. [infograhpic], and we are recommending that every youth worker and parent checks it out.

With the use of cellphones on the rise and different social media platforms like snapchat,, there is a risk to teenagers, and their families.  Here are a few things that standout, and are alarming about this infographic.

1. 48% of teenagers have received a sexually suggestive message.  So, that means ever second student has received an image, or text message.  The question isn’t if a student will receive a sexually suggestive message, its when.  This is where the conversation needs to start with parents.  We need partnership with parents to help navigate the student through a digital world.

2. 17% of teenagers are passing an image they received to someone else.  I don’t think teenagers are thinking about this one.   I know the students I work with aren’t thinking that they are distrusting child pornography, but they are.  This is a serious offence and could affect the teenagers life forever.  This is scary and alarming.  It shows how comfortable teenagers are online, and with their phone.  Students today are comfortable enough to save an image or distribute it.

3.  Parents are losing the online battle.  The numbers are always up and to the right for students in the digital world.  Parents need help, and because they weren’t raised in a digital world, they are having to adapt to it.  I would love to know on average how often does a parent use twitter, instgram, or facebook.  The parents I talk to, or send articles to, are so thankful.  These parents are so desperate for information, it is like feeding a starving lion.  They will consume any information that might help them with their child.  Parents need more info, and you are probably the one to share that link, email it, or even facebook it.


What stands out from this infographic?

All about sexting infographic

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