Do you facebook friend teenagers?

My guess is that you do.  There has been a lot of conversation lately on whether or not you should facebook students.  Some people state that you should not facebook friend any teenager.  Other people say that you should only facebook friend a teenager if they friend you first.  You can see how this gets confusing.

You should facebook friend teenagers that are in your youth ministry.  Just take one look at this infographic and realize how much potential there is to communicate on facebook.  We are not just talking about a communication tool, but a way to build community.

Here are 3 guidelines for using facebook: 

1. Write a good policy.  Last summer I wrote a new policy for my Church because the one that was passed awhile ago stated that I could not communicate with a teenager online.  Take a moment and laugh at that, and then take a close look at when your church policy was written.  My guess is that if it is before 2005 yours might sound like my old one.

2. Friend Teenagers in your Ministry.  I meet teens all over the place.  I meet teenagers from other churches at camp, or other events.  I don’t facebook students who I won’t connect with.  I am very intentional about who I friend, and I think you should too.  I don’t know why you need more than 1,000 friends.  How can you manage that?  Clean it up!

3. Learn how to use facebook right!  Set up a facebook page.  If you don’t know how to do it, you can set up a professional facebook page here.  If you need some more help, make sure to check out my ebook: 5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World.


Facebook is a great way to build community and to communicate what is going on in your youth ministry.  Do you facebook friend your students? 

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