Should your students you work with blog? 

I read this post this past week over at problogger on why students should blog.

Here are a few points from the post:

1. Your blog is your portfolio

2. Networking with professionals in your potential field of work.

3. Build reputation

4. Earn money.

If you work with students for any amount of time your realize that a lot of teens are already blogging.  They are probably not blogging like this, but they are micro-blogging on tumbler, or even on twitter.  One student recently told me he wanted to get into broadcasting sports.  I told him to generate a weekly podcast and market it as a resume.  What a great way to land a internship.

Two quick thoughts: 

There are lots of opportunities out there for students.  I have an intern and he emailed Doug Fields, and get this!  He received an answer! (Everyone email him a question: Doug Fields)  This is the beauty of social media, and our digital world.  It draws us all closer together.  I wish when I was a student in Bible College or Seminary I could just email youth ministry gurus.  I never realized that this was a possibility.

There are lots of dangers for students.  I always talk to teens about the digital footprint they are leaving.  When someone googles them what comes up?  I have a few times actually brought out my laptop and googled their name and they walked through the stuff that they were posting.  Someone needs to talk to them about this because it could destroy their career years from now.


Would you want your teens blogging?  

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