Here is this weeks infographic.  We have been looking at infographics that relate to technology and how they are changing the teen culture we are working with.  Last week we looked at sexting with the post called, The truth about teen sexting [infographic].  This week we are looking at snapchat.  If you don’t know what it is, here is the info.   We would love to link to a few posts on the program.  So, if you have a post on snapchat please leave a comment with the link and we will put it in the post.

Here are a few things that shock us about snapchat.

1. 20% of teens have sent nude/semi-nude photos.  The more I read these infographics, it freaks me out.  That means that 2 in 10 of your students have sent nude photos.  We need to help parents understand the power of the cell phone, and how they need to help their teen walk with Christ in a digital world.  How do you help parents navigate these digital times?

2. Snapchat is the 4th most downloaded free iphone app.  People are using this app.  Your teens are using this.  In the past few months I have seen students using the program, but didn’t really think anything of it.  I now am having conversations about how they can use the program, and be accountable.  One thing I have been thinking about lately is that I need to incorporate snapchat into my series on dating, relationships, and sex.  I think we all need to address these programs, and the problems.

3. Consequences.  The consequences stated here are a complete understatement.  Long tern effects of a program like this and the public shame that could come with it could lead students to depression and suicide because of a leaked photo.  I know that teens are being bullied all the time.


What else stands out to you?  Leave a comment below. 

understanding snap chat infographic

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