Here is this weeks infographic.  Do you have any guidelines for social media?  Do you think students should have guidelines for how they use social media?   Here is this weeks infographic on social media guidelines for students and professionals.

Here is what stands out: 

1. 36% of 18-29 year olds list an affiliation with an employer on facebook.  I think it’s important to be transparent to a certain degree online.  One way to be transparent is to be affiliated with your employer online.  If your employer is a control freak, and constantly comments about your facebook status, then you shouldn’t add them.  This can be tricky for an adult to navigate

2. Negative aspects of facebook friending a boss/teacher.  We still need to give a ton of thought to how we present ourselves online.  Facebook isn’t your private journal post for the world to hear.  I have blocked students and young adults because of their crazy comments and photos.  This will eventually come back to hurt this young adults.

What else stands out to you?  Please comment below! 

Social Media Guidelines for Students and Job Seekers
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