Last week I read an article on called, Instagram Will Kill Your Youth Ministry, by Daniel Beckworth.  This article is worth checking out.

Daniel Beckworth has valid points about social media and the need to be careful on how we use them for ministry and personal use.  We do need to develop guidelines or policy on how our churches will deal with the use of social media.  Social media is a powerful tool, and if it isn’t used the right way, it could cost someone their job/calling.

I personally felt Daniel Beckworth’s tone was way too harsh.  You could tell that Daniel was angry while writing, and it came out strong in his post.  Did he go too far in the post?  Did it sound like a bunch of rules made up by a blogger?  I will never call a friend out online like that.  I love the youth pastors I serve, and I value your input into this community of broken people.  I hope that I would be able to serve you and the student you work with through this community.

I really wanted to write a critique of this post.  But, I would rather hear what you thought of the post.  Is Daniel going too far?  Is it judgement or arrogant? or is it right on?  I would love to hear from my youth ministry community.


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