Do you have a facebook page?  

If you don’t have a facebook page, make sure to check out my post, The Almost Complete Guide to Facebook Timeline for Pages.  You need to be on facebook.  If you think of a communication strategy for teenagers facebook is a huge asset.  I personally think that every youth ministry needs to engage students on facebook through a personalized facebook page.

Here are my top 5 youth ministry facebook pages that I think you should check out!  

1. Seventy8Productions.  Jeremy has created a fantastic page.  If you like his page you will also get a free ebook!


2. Average Youth Ministry.  Ben just redesigned his page and who ever designed it did a great job.


3. Leader Treks.   One thing I love about leader treks facebook page is their use of tabs.  Another thing they do great is introduce you to their staff in the cover photo.


4. Youth Specialities.   This page does a great job again with the cover photo.  The cover photo is the first thing people are going to see when they check out your facebook page.  You better make sure it is great, and communicates what you are about.


5. Youth Ministry 360.  This is one great page.  You can tell that Andy has put a ton of work into this page, and it is worth it!  It looks amazing.


What other youth ministry facebook pages do I need to add to that list?

Make sure to check out youth ministry media on facebook!

  • seventy8Productions

    First off, you make me blush! Thanks. Secondly, I see you are using the new Disqus. You like it?

    • Great job on the facebook page Jeremy! I do like the new Disqus. I love how it will keep all of your comments in one place under one tab.

  • benread

    Average Youth Ministry is a great one, but I’m biased. Nick Farr and I did that together a few weeks ago. Youthmin.orgs audience on there has blown up the last few weeks, I’m way behind in making it a truly worthwhile page to like though. Got any tips?

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