You love infographics.  I know, who doesn’t?  The facebook infographic that I posted on a few weeks ago has become one of the top posts consistently for the past two weeks.  So, here is another infographic on facebook.

Here are a few observations: 

1. 48% of people read facebook right when they wake up.  A bible facebook page that posts each morning might be a great way for people to actually read their bibles.  I wonder if you version could sync up someway to this.

2. 48% of americans said they find out their news through facebook.  What news?  There is really no news on my facebook newsfeed other than this person complaining about this person.

3.  How could you not look at both of these infographics and not realize that we need to learn how to use facebook more effectively in reaching people in general.


What are your observations?  (please leave a comment below)