[infographic] 10 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Pages

by admin July 25, 2012   Social Media

If you are in youth ministry you quickly realize where teenagers are spending time online…it’s facebook!  Actually, 1 in 8 people on earth are on facebook!  That means facebook can be a time waster, or a great communication tool.  I think it is an awesome communication tool, and a way to extend your youth ministry community online.  I have some posts on how to create facebook pages.  Feel free to check them out.  I really hope they help you and your ministry!
Below is an infographic on facebook, and if you need a crash course on the basics here you go!  Do you like the new timeline for facebook pages? (comment below)


  • How about a link to the original infographic? The text is unreadable in your post.

    • Thanks John for the heads up. I just fixed it. Enjoy. Thanks for reading the website.

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