In the last few weeks we have been posting on infographic’s on Teens and Millennials. Here is another infographic on College Students(Millennials) and their Cellphones.  


Here are a few observations: 

1. 94% use phones everyday.  They are accessible anytime of the day, because their phone is always one or near to them.

2. 75% of parent pay for the students phone.  Why?  Probably because it is too expensive for the student to afford it on their own.  I was really surprised by this.

3. 97% use them for social networking.  The top three social networks were: Facebook(95%), Twitter(47%), and Google plus(24%).  Here is how we are to communicate to these young people.

4. 60% say they are addicted to their phone.  This is why we need to help young people disconnect from their phones, and social media.  How can you hear God when you are constantly being distracted?