(This post is apart of a series you can check out, Series: Developing a Social Media Strategy. )

Do people comment at your site?  This could be the little thing that is hurting your strategy.

I have been to tons of youth ministry sites, and if I really enjoy a site I will want to leave a comment.  I leave a comment because I want to engage with the writer.  We live in a great time when I can dialogue with other youth workers from all over the world.  When I go to a site that I enjoy, and try to leave a comment it is often really difficult.  I have to login into gmail, blogger or some other account.  Are you making it easy for people to leave comments?

Here are 5 ways you can make it easy for people to comment: 

1.   Use Disqus.  If you have a site, I recommend getting a free account.  If you use wordpress just install the plugin, disqus comment system, on to your site and you are good to go.  Check out disqus because they have a plugin for any site.  The comments get sent to your email so you can quickly keep the conversation going.  I use this all the time, and it is so awesome to be able to communicate with youth workers across the country.  On a side note both Adam Mclane and Doug Fields switched over to this amazing comment system…Maybe I do know what I am doing.

2.  Reply.  Yep, reply to every single comment.  Even top notch bloggers reply to every comment.  Remember, your site isn’t about information, it’s about people.  You need to build relationships with the people who are checking out your site.

3. Comment on other sites.  Yes, a comment can actually help your youth ministry site, or blog out.  This is important for different rankings online.  Michael Hyatt discusses why backlinking is important.  Every time you comment you are building links on my site that direct to your site.  It is a win-win situation.  I now only comment on sites that use disqus because it is easy for me to keep track of the sites I have been to.

4. Challenge.  I do think that youth ministry/youth workers are losing their voice.  We are losing our voice because we are not speaking up.  Your voice is valuable, and needs to be heard because you can make an impact on other youth workers who are thinking the same question.  Challenge the “big guys” in youth ministry.  Join the discussion.  I want to hear your voice.

5. Say Thanks.  I thank every single person who comments.  I thank them because I am so stoked that they checked out youth ministry media, and enjoyed it enough to post a comment.  I love it when a youth worker says, “thanks”.  Also, I want people to know that I have read their comment, and how much I appreciate them.


What is one thing you need to work on this week to make your site better for people to leave comments? 


(This post is apart of a series you can check out, Series: Developing a Social Media Strategy. )