Social Media Strategy: Could you make money?

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(This post is apart of a series you can check out, Series: Developing a Social Media Strategy. )

Could you make money off your site?  Could you fund your youth ministry with some extra income?

The real answer is….Maybe.  You might be able to make some money off your site.  Before you slap some ugly ads on your site, ask yourself the question: What is the goal of your site?  I have a goal for youth ministry media.  I know that I am not going to become rich and famous from this site.  That isn’t the goal.  The goal is to help youth pastors communicate to teenagers.  I think that this is becoming a great site and will build into one of the best places to find resources for youth pastors and youth workers.  My goal for this site is that it will become self supporting.  That is it.

Here are a few ways you could make money off your website: 

1. Ads.  You could find a great place like Beacon Ads to place your site.  Initially I went with google, but they were paying to little, and I had no control over the ads you were going to see.  I hate that!  Beacon Ads is a great site that offers Christian Advertising.  I love that I can approve ads, and review it before it goes live.

2.  Affilate.  I am an affilate for a few sites.  My rule is that I will only promote things that I will use, and have worked for me.  With that said, I am an affilate with Elegant Themes, Evernote Essentials, and Twibooklet.  I have used these resources to get this website to where it is today.

3. Ebook.  You could create an ebook and sell it online.  I was thinking the other day that I had to write a Grad Essay to graduate with my Masters.  That paper is sitting somewhere.  I could dust it off, rewrite it for you for free or for a small fee.  You have something that you could teach the youth ministry world.  The real question is: what is it?  Read this post from copyblogger on how to create a ebook in 3o days.  I wrote my ebook: 5 ways to communicate effectively in a digital world, in 4 hours.  You could give it away or sell it.

4. Resources.   You could develop some tools for youth pastors and sell them.  You could make powerpoint games, sermon backgrounds, videos.  Some great examples of this is youth leaders stash, simply youth ministry.  If you are going to offer resources make sure they are great.  I will never do this because I love free, and I know you do too!


Those are a few ways you could make money off your site.  Are you using any of those methods?  

(This post is apart of a series you can check out, Series: Developing a Social Media Strategy. )  

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