Do you have a student leadership team?

Trying to find great student leadership resources is always a challenge.  I have been working on a 3 year goal for student leadership teams with curriculum and books to go with it.  I stumbled across leader treks resources, and I was amazed at how great their resources were.

The book, Student Leaders Start Here, is a great book for starting your student leadership team.  Actually, it is a must for any student leadership team.  I have led student leadership teams for around 10 years, and I have made up a lot of resources.  In, Student Leaders Start Here, Doug Franklin gives an overview of how we were designed as a leader.  He lays out Leadership Assessment, Spiritual Gifts, and Leadership Skills tests.  It is a one stop shop for all your student leadership team.

I personally love how at the end of the book, Student Leaders Start Here, it gives an overview of mission, and it’s the Great Commission.  Doug Franklin states, “Our job on this planet, the whole changing the world thing, revolves around changing people’s hearts and minds by introducing them to Christ.  Through relationship with Him, broken hearts are healed, families are restored, hatred is silenced, and peace resonates in humanity’s soul. Our purpose is people, and to that end, our leadership must reflect that truth.”  This statement is so true.  Youth Ministries need to be on mission, and the students you and I lead need to be on mission.  Too often we are not focused, and we are not on mission.  This book will help you stay on mission, and will get your whole team on mission.

Doug Franklin hits a home run with this student leadership manual.   This is a manual I will use for every student leader who starts with my team.  Go and download a free sample to check it out!

What resources do you use for your student leadership team?  

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