What are your plans for the summer?

Summer is a different season in ministry.  I have tried for the past few years to plan events and weekly gatherings only to waste money on events that no one wants to go to.  The students I work with want a different youth ministry schedule, and I offer them that.

Here is what I prioritize during the summer: 

Relationships.  I invest into every student that sticks around.  I get them to help me with the summer VBS at my church.  I meet up with teens for slurpee runs, or for lunch.  Every event I do in the summer is all about relationships.  This is one thing that sets up my youth ministry for the fall.  This summer I want to go around and meet up with all the parents of my youth ministry.

Planning.  I plan everything out in the summer.  I plan every talk, and with that message I work on the complement, and subject of each passage that I will be teaching my group.  This summer I want all the games planned for the year, and the supplies ready.  One thing different this summer is that I will get some core students to help me plan out my year of messages so that I know we are talking about where the students are at.

Development.   I am taking a summer preaching class on wednesdays.  I am looking forward to this, and excited to hone my preaching abilities.  I am also going to try to read a book a week.  I will have another post on all the books I am going to read this summer.

Rest.  I plan on hanging out with my family as much as possible.  Every year at the same time I basically crash and sleep for a few days in order to cope with a brutal ministry year.  I also plan on getting away for a few weekends.


Those the goals of my summer.  What do you prioritize during the summer?  Does your youth ministry slow down? 

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