We live in a world where we have a term for people who can’t live without their smartphone, nomophobia.  According to wikipedia, Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.  An article out of the US National Library of Medicine states the situation we find ourselves in today,  “A study from United Kingdom on 2163 people revealed that 53% of the subjects tend to be anxious when they lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit or have no network coverage. The study found that about 58% of men and 48% of women suffer from the phobia, and an additional 9% feel stressed when their mobile phones are off.”

We are more stressed out because of our devices.  Here is an infographic on the dangers we all face with our devices.  As Marshall McLuhan states, “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”

Here is an infographic called: Unplugged: A Smartphone Detox.

Here are a few things that standout from this infographic on cellphone addiction.

1. 53% of people in the UK were anxious when they couldn’t use their phones.  I look at students in my youth ministry today and I can see the addiction that they face.  These students are always on their phones.  It’s easier to point the finger at a younger generation and forget how dependant I am on my cellphone.

A few months ago, I had to send my iPhone in to get repaired, and I started to feel vibrations in my pocket even though my phone wasn’t there.  It’s called phantom vibrations, and made me think of how my iPhone is affecting my life.

I have been convicted lately to live a less digital life.  I am not as accessible as I used to be, I don’t have my phone on my at all times, and I keep my phone regularly on do not disturb.  These are a few way I am trying to prevent my addiction to my cellphone.

2. 61% of people said they couldn’t go a week without their cellphone.  If that isn’t an addiction that what is?  Could you last a week without your cellphone?  It is doable, but it will be a different week.  We wrote a few posts on cell addiction, Death by cellphone, and should you take a digital sabbath.

I think we should take regular breaks from our phones.  I personally don’t take my phone on holidays with me.

What do you think?  Are you addicted to your cellphone?  I am compiling some stats on cellphone addiction and I would love for you to be apart of it. Here is the quiz.   I will share the stats once I get a better sample of youth pastors.

What else stands out from that infographic?  What do you notice in your own life and the students lives that you serve?



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