facebook and youth ministry

Infographic: Facebook and recruiting

Here is the latest infographic on facebook.

Will this information change the way churches look for pastors?  Will they eventually use facebook to recruit staff?


Here are some stats that stood out to me: 

1. %58 of users have liked a brand.   You are what you like.  I remember awhile ago I like a space heater on facebook and my dad called to ask if I was warm enough in my basement suite.

2. %59 percent of facebook users have liked a brand and shared it.   I will post eventually on a digital evangelism strategy. There is a huge market for churches to share all their streaming video online and use the correct tagging.  The really cool thing is that you could have a testimony at church, or a baptism and reach 100’s if not 1000’s of people online!

3. Starbucks is the top brand.  Really?  I am surprised by this.  What is the top church online?


What stands out to you?  please comment below! 

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