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Freebie Friday: December 2013 Calendar

free december 2013 calendar



I feel like December is already over.  All these months of planning to get to this point.  How crazy is that?  We hope that you have an awesome Christmas season, and that most of all you focus on what really matters…our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here is a calendar to keep you organized during this crazy season.  I know I need it.  You can check out more calendars over at smashing magazine.   This is the one that we loved the most.

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Freebie Friday: Spring and Summer Planning Calendar




Have you been enjoying the free printable youth pastor material?   You can see all of it at, The Printable Youth Pastor Series .  It has been a blast creating all these free resources that youth pastors will use.  I was a little surprised how many youth pastors nerd out over planning resources!  Eventually, I would love to make a legit youth ministry calendar like Nue Year.

I hope that you are looking at your spring and summer calendar.  I like to pencil everything in at the beginning of the year, and allow room for changes on the fly.  I very rarely have my last few events locked in, because it is always nice to be able to plan something that has purpose for the group and the students that will be in my youth ministry this year.

Here are the planning calendars.  Enjoy!

Download the January calendar here

Download the February calendar here

Download the March calendar here

Download the April calendar here

Download the May calendar here

Download the June calendar here

Download the July calendar here

Download the August calendar here

I hope this year you stay focused, and organized for the glory of God! 

Freebie Friday: November and December Planning Calendar




We have been doing a series called The Printable Youth Pastor Series.  It is a ton of free planning calendars and pdf’s to help you and your youth ministry.

We are going to release one page calendars for free for each month from September 2013 to August 2014. Each friday we will give away 2 months.

Here is what you get with the one month printable planning calendar:

1. Tons of room.  This is like the Fall Planning Calendar or the Spring/Summer Youth Ministry Planning Calendar , but for each month you have a whole page.  Lots of room to write notes, and jot down ideas.

2. Monthly 2 to do list.  I don’t know if you use to do lists, but you really should.  I use an online program called things.  I personally use this one, and I love it.  If you don’t use a program, build a monthly list with this printable resource.  Build a list and check it off!

3. Spot for next month at the bottom.  I love being able to plan for the next month.  At the bottom, I have a space that is broken into two sections.  You can make notes, or a list for the following month.

That is the simple planning calendar!  Enjoy friends.  Have an awesome weekend.  Get your planning on.



Download the November calendar here

Download the December calendar here

Freebie Friday: Spring/Summer Youth Ministry Planning Calendar




Last friday we released a free planning calendar, Freebie Friday: Fall Planning Calendar.  The results were so good with that planning calendar that we decided to make a series out of it called, The Printable Youth Pastor Series .

Here is a spring and summer 2014 planning calendar.  It was difficult to find the 2014 calendar vector.  It has the same flat, ios7 look.  Enjoy!

I hope this will help you plan for the best youth ministry year yet!

Download the planning calendar below: 

January – April

May- August 

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Freebie Friday: Fall Planning Calendar



How do you plan for the fall?

In my youth ministry I like to have everything planned out for the fall.  That means EVERYTHING!

I was looking for a way to plan the school year calendar, but I couldn’t find anything online.  So, I created a great looking calendar.  You can timeline your talks, or events, or other key targets.  Once you have accomplished them you can check them off.

Download the calendar here

What else would you add to the calendar?  Oh, and by the way we will be adding a Jan/June calendar next week.  Enjoy.  Have an awesome weekend.

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