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The Photo Booth Challenge [game]

photobooth-challenge youth ministry game



Type of game: Upfront

What you need to play this game: iPad.

Set up time: 1 minute

How to play the game:  Get a group of 5 students and open up the photo booth app in the iPad.  Take a photo of yourself with the Photo Booth app with a funny setting on.  Make sure to make a crazy face.  Get the students to make a similar photo with the same face.

We played this last week and it was a hit.  We posted all the photos we took on our Facebook page.

Tip: One way to make this game epic is to get an apple tv and show the image on the main screen.

Youth Group Game: Say The Same Thing




Here is another youth ministry game. 

This could be a mixer game or a upfront game.

Here is the into video: 

Here is how you play this game:

1. Get everyone to pair up with someone.

2. Set 30 seconds.

3. Get the pairs to say the same word by saying other words.

4. The people that say the same words advance.

5. Once it gets to top 10, advance the first two pairs.  Then get the two pairs to battle off.

6. Award the team with a sweet prize!

Bonus: Get the students to download the app, and the next week whoever has the highest score wins another prize.  This could help build community in your group.


The Selfie Challenge [game]

the selfie challenge game



We played this game on tuesday, and it was a huge hit.  The best part about it, is that a grade 7 student came up with the idea for the game.

The game is called The Selfie Challenge.

Duration of the game: Anywhere from 15 minutes to the whole night.  We started at the beginning of the night and we awarded the best selfie at the end of the night.

How to Play:

1. Put this slide up, or make up a slide with a leaders number on it.

2. Tell the students that they will win a prize at the end of the night for best appropriate selife.

3. Get a leader or leaders to pick the winner.

4. Show some of the pictures on your projector through apple TV.

This game was a huge hit.  Everyone loved it, and we received multiple images from each person.  The students also loved being able to see some of the selfies on the big screen.

*warning: make sure your phone is on a wifi network.  You could easily blow through your cell phones data package with this game.

Youth Ministry Game: Human Roomba

Youth ministry game human roomba



Here is a game that we played last week.  It was a huge hit, and it took almost no time to set up.

The best part of the youth ministry game human roomba is that everyone was involved at some point.

Here is what you need for this game: 

– A roll of duct tape for every group.  We broke into small groups.

– Post it notes.


Object of the game: To collect the most sticky notes by rolling on the floor.  

Here is how you play the game: 

1. Get the students into groups of 5-10.

2. Give them one roll of duct tape.

3. Instruct the groups to cover the leader with tape.  Sticky side out!

4.  Place all the post it notes on the floor.

5.  Get the leader to roll on the floor to try to pick up the post it notes.

6. The team with the most sticky notes on their human roomba wins.


Zombie Attack [game]

Zombie Attack Youth ministry game



Game Type: Crowdbreaker 

How to play: 

Play in a mid sized room.  You start with one person who is it or the zombie, and they want to walk with their arms out while dragging one foot like a zombie.  Once the zombie touches someone they become a zombie with them.  The last person to survive wins a prize.

This was a huge with with our group and got 80+ students running around a large room.  This game is best played in a closed space so that it is easier for people to be tagged.  Have fun.

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