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The Youth Pastors Gift Guide 2012


What gift do you want this year for Christmas? 

Last year we did a similar series called: The Youth Pastors Gift Guide.  It was a huge hit, and we are going to repeat this series.

Some youth workers have generous churches who give the staff crazy presents at Christmas like ipads, or cash gifts, or starbucks gift cards.  I think for a lot of churches the church board and the lead pastors have no idea what to get their youth worker, or other staff.  Here is a little list that you can forward on to your lead pastor, church board, or the family that keeps asking what to get the youth worker they love for Christmas!

Here are the posts for the next few weeks for this series: 

The Youth Pastors Gift Guide

1. Tech Gifts

2. Books

3. Coffee/Beverage

4. Organizational/office

5. Apps

6. Just for fun

There you go.  We will have some fun with these lists in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

What specific items would you add to that list? 

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