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App of the month: DJ App




Do you use apps for playing music for your youth group?  


A few weeks ago one of my leaders brought his ipad, and this app along to the mid-week youth ministry program.   What do you think happened?  It was a huge hit!  It was like having a personal dj at our youth group all night.  People were amazed at how fun, and easy it was so become a decent dj.  Students were huddled around the “dj” all night watching.  At one point in the night, I was standing behind this guy watching how he was dj.  It sounded sooooo great, and it pumped up the games part of the night.

This is one great app.  If you have an iphone it costs $.99, or for the ipad it’s $19.99.  I recommend the ipad app. It seems like a lot, but it is so worth it.

One way you could use this app is to get a few students to dj all your youth events/youth nights.  It’s a simple way to pump up a simple night.  If you don’t have few students who could do this then get some adult leaders to become your official dj.

Once you get an official dj of the night, you could build playlists and say to the students you work with that you will take requests on your facebook page.  It is a simple way to keep your facebook page active.

Get it on itunes

Would you use an app like this?  What songs do you have for your mid-week program playlist?  

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