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4 people you should follow on twitter

Are you a twit?

I am loving twitter.  I feel this is the place where I get almost all my news now.  I am working on a post how twitter will be the news story of 2012.  If you don’t have a twitter account go and get one.  Once you set it up, make sure to create list for groups of people.  Here are a few of my favorite people on twitter.

1. Benjamin Kerns

Watch out world.  This is the year of average youth ministry.  He has great articles and his tweets are pretty average.

2. Ypulse 

This is a great feed, and it is also a great site for all things youth culture.  Get updates on youth culture, and stay in the loop.



This is a great site for all you techies out there.  I love their tweets, and I am also subscribed to their blog.

4.  Adam Mclane 

Adam is a tech genius.  He used to work for Youth Specialties until he went rogue.  He is worth following on twitter.


Who else do you follow on twitter?  Help me add to my list.   


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