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The Digital Generation Is Here [infographic]

The digital generation is here.  Whether we like it or not, we can’t go back.  And the crazy thing is that if we don’t adapt, we will easily become obsolete.  It is a crazy time in our world, and either we will become able to adapt, and learn how to live, communicate, and work in a digital world or we will become replaceable.

Youth ministry is on the front of these lines.  I think that youth ministry is becoming harder to train in colleges, and seminaries because of this time we are in.  You really do need to learn in the trenches, and learn how to not only have solid theology, but you will need to be a part time social media expert.  Something you won’t learn in Bible College.

This weeks infographic is called Is the UK ready for the digital first era?  The real question should be, is the world ready?

Here are a few things that stand out:

1. 1/10 boys code, and 1/3 want to learn.  In canada, where I am from, we learn french as a second language.  I think we need to realize that in a digital world “code” is our second language.  It will help us get better jobs, and be able to live, communicate, and work better in a digital world.

I am not surprised that a third of boys want to learn how to code.  The crazy thing is that these boys and girls will most likely learn to code on their own.  Google, facebook, and apple are all trying to train their own word force with a website promoting an hour of code.  You can check that out here.

2. 39% want to work remotely.  They are asking the question: why do I need an office again?  This digital generation wants to work from anywhere.  This is a great idea, but will it be a reality?  I think the way offices has changed in the past decade, and it will change again with the rise of more mobile devices.

3. 75% own a laptop for school.  This is a crazy stat.  I don’t remember anyone owning a laptop when I was in school.  I remember my mom brought home a laptop from the bank to do some work, and I was able to load on it, where in the world is carmen sandiego.  I wonder how can we help the students that we serve, grow spiritually on their laptop and other devices.  We need to start thinking creatively about how we can reach, and disciple digital students.

What else stands out to you?  Leave a comment below!



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