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Awesome Stock Footage For Your Youth Ministry

Lightstock: demo reel



Do you use video during worship?  Would you use it to drive home a point in your message?


I would use video more if it wasn’t so terrible.  Personally I would rather have a black background for worship slides than a running stream, or mountain scene.

I hope that we are past the days of cheesy video backgrounds.  One website called Lightstock is a supporter of youth ministry media, and we love their content.  Lightstock has the best stock photos online.  I love that I didn’t have to say the best christian stock photo website online.  Lightstock is simply the best.  It has the best photographers, and the best content.  If you disagree, take a moment to check them out.

With that said, Lightstock is moving into stock footage.  They are launching on November 12, and I am excited how we can use this in our youth ministry.  I have a few ideas already.

Here is how we might try to use stock footage: 

1. Backgrounds for worship.  We don’t do this, but we should.  I think we will test this when the footage comes out.  I am curious if it is a distraction or not.

2. Moving backgrounds teaching time.  I like the idea of visually capturing an idea with a clip.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to use keynote or slides during a talk.  I am terrible at it, and I think churches do a terrible job of relaying a message visually.

How else do you use stock footage in your youth ministry? 

You can check out the stock footage promo here from lightstock.  

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