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3 ways your Youth Ministry can use twitter


Do you use twitter?  

I think that twitter will be the social network that will really catch on with the millennials (18-35).  When it comes to communicating, churches and youth ministries will need to change in the next few years.  If we don’t change, we will notice that we are not communicating effectively with a new generation.

Here are 3 ways your youth ministry could use twitter:

1. Hashtags.  When you have a series in your youth ministry why not add on every slide a hashtag.  It gives the teenagers a way to interact with the message, or pose a questions from the talk.  This will keep the conversation open, and some teens will want to interact with your message/ youth night online.

2. Questions.  You could get your students to ask questions via a tweet.  Get them to tweet your youth ministry twitter account, and then discuss the questions live off the feed.  Some of your students might post something funny on twitter, but just roll with it.

3.  Communication.   Push all your information through this account.  It is just another way to communicate.  If you publish a website through wordpress, you can push everything through twitter with a plugin.

Do you use twitter for your youth ministry?  Does your church have a twitter account?  

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