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Freebie Friday: 4 great websites for free vectors


I am always on the lookout for new graphics for this website, and for my youth ministry to go with different series.  I keep going back to 4 websites for vector images.

You might be asking what is a vector image?  Here is some more info from wikipedia.  To be able to use a vector file from one of these sites you will need to use adobe illustrator.  If you don’t have this program, start saving your pennies.  This is one program that is so worth it!  I design posters, banners, and logos that can go on a poster 11×17 to a banner that is 4ft by 11ft.  The great thing about a vector is that the image stays crisp whatever the size.

Here are 4 amazing websites:  


for designer (


This is my favorite website for vector images.  The only program with this website is that there is so much content, you will have to dig a lot to find the images you are looking for.


Vecteezy (

This vector website has great quality vectors, but it also has tons of crappy ads everywhere.  This was the first vector website I stumbled upon 5+ years ago.  You might see some of my images I have used from this website on here.


Design Kindle (


This is one of my newest website finds.  I love this website.  It has awesome icons, and other vectors for your website, or youth ministry.   This is one great website!


pixel pixel pixel! (


Pixel is a great website for vectors, fonts, and icons.  This is where I look for high end fonts and vectors.  They don’t have a ton of resources on the site, probably because they are high end.


Where do you get your resources for designing your youth ministry stuff?  

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